How to check expired English domain names

How to check expired English domain names

What are expired English domain names?

Expired English domain names are those domain names that have not been renewed by their original owner before their expiration date. This means that they become available for purchase or registration by someone else. Many English domain names are registered every year, and some of them expire without being renewed or sold, making them available again for registration.

Why should you check expired English domain names?

If you are trying to find a specific domain name for your website, you might want to check if it has expired and is available for registration. Many expired domain names still have incoming traffic, backlinks, and social media mentions, which can be valuable assets for your website's search engine optimization (SEO) and online presence. Additionally, buying an expired domain name can be much cheaper than buying a new one, especially if it has already been established.

How can you check expired English domain names?

There are several ways to check expired English domain names:

  1. Use a domain registrar's expired domain search tool: Many domain registrars offer tools that allow you to search for expired domain names. These tools often show you the domain name's expiration date, age, incoming traffic, backlinks, and other relevant information.
  2. Use a domain auction platform: Some domain auction platforms, such as GoDaddy Auctions and NameJet, specialize in selling expired domain names. You can browse their listings to find English domain names that are currently available for auction or buy it now sale.
  3. Use a domain hunting tool: Some tools, such as Domain Hunter Gatherer, allow you to hunt for expired domain names based on specific criteria, such as keyword, niche, or authority. These tools can help you find English domain names that are most relevant to your website's content and audience.

What should you consider before buying an expired English domain name?

Before buying an expired English domain name, you should consider the following:

  • The domain name's history: You should research the domain name's past uses, owners, and content to ensure that it does not have a negative reputation or history of spamming, hacking, or blacklisting.
  • The domain name's value: You should assess the domain name's value based on its age, traffic, backlinks, and other metrics. This can help you determine whether the domain name is worth the investment.
  • The domain name's renewal costs: You should check the domain name's renewal costs and expiration date to ensure that you can afford to renew it in the future. Some expired domain names can be expensive to renew, especially if they have high domain authority and traffic.


Checking expired English domain names can be a smart way to find valuable assets for your website's SEO and online presence. By using domain registrar tools, auction platforms, and hunting tools, you can discover domain names that are highly relevant to your niche and audience. However, before buying an expired domain name, you should research its history, value, and renewal costs to ensure that it is a profitable investment for your business.

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